hydrosolThese fine mists are pure distillates, a result of steam distilling plant material to produce essential oils. After the oils are drawn off, these waters are left. They contain the water soluble elements of the plants and have the same properties as essential oils but in a much milder form.  They can be sprayed directly on the skin to refresh and rehydrate.  They are an excellent way to tone, calm, and rebalance the skin and can be used throughout the day.

Chamomile  - for dry, sensitive, inflamed skin

Helichrysum -  anti-inflammatoryand regenerative; helps prevent ingrown hairs

Lavender - soothes skin irritations and inflammation

Neroli (orange blossom) - for combination, sensitive skin

Peppermint - calms and refreshes; great in hot weather

Rose - for all skin types, especially mature

Rose Geranium -  for all skin types; useful as a spray for hot flashes

Tea Tree - antiseptic, antifungal; for troubled skin; great first aid spray

Ylang Ylang - very exotic scent